Mike Massimo

Twitter goes into Orbit

Earth from Space
Almost everyone using the internet these days will have heard about twitter. Many might not know what it is all about but it has become so ubiquitous that it’s existence is hard to ignore.

As for what it is: Basically another social networking site but this time you are limited to a fairly sparse profile and more significantly making bitesize comments of a maximum length of 140 characters which are sent to all their ‘followers’ (anyone who adds them). These comments are mainly used by people to provide updates on what they are doing or to point people towards something they found interesting.

That’s it. A fairly straightforward concept and it’s taken off in a big way. Movie stars, bands, politicians, journalists and even certain academics can all be followed on twitter as can any number of random punters (including myself though so far I’ve updated twice!). There is also a rather unexpected twitter-er, which is the point of this post and I’ll get to in a bit.