Simon Singh Case Response Roundup

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This post originally started life as a roundup of the links available on the Simon Singh case before the support meeting or the announcement that he intended to appeal the decision from the preliminary hearing. It has grown continuously since then and so now I am going to reorganise it so that it provides a chronological and comprehensive list of all the material available online on the case. The most recent coverage will thus always be available around the bottom of the list.

Before getting to the links two sites worth visiting and signing up to for updates are the Sense about Science site for the campaign Keep Libel Laws of Out of Science and the blog of skeptical, legal blogger Jack of Kent who has been providing detailed coverage and legal analysis of the case since it was first announced (the Bad Science bloggers also do alot of good work though they are also covering alot of other stories). Ok so now onto the links.

Updates will be announced here:

UPDATE 23/09/09: In light of the next fast approaching court date wherein Simon and his lawyers will try to ‘appeal to get his appeal heard’ I thought I would update the links. This will take a few days so please bear with me but I’ll try and get everything. Interesting developments with the Lib Dems and Richard Dawkins too so plenty to keep up with!
UPDATE 1/08/09: After Simon’s article was reposted so widely seemed like a natural time to update. SOrry it’s took so long been rather busy as of late!

UPDATE 17/07/09: You’ve guessed it more links!

UPDATE 30/06/09: More and more links and some more developments regarding the complaints. Have also started to re-edit the page so it’s a bit more relevant to what’s happening now!

UPDATE 18/06/09: Wow! A lot has been happening lately, new links being added now… going to try and update this weekly now!

UPDATE 11/06/09: A bloggers work is never done. New links added.

UPDATE 10/06/09: Alot of new links added which include some interesting developments… (thanks to Le Canard Noir in particular for bringing some surprising links to my attention).

UPDATE 06/06/09: New links added mostly courtesy of another new and nicely organised roundup over at Zeno’s blog– check it out!

UPDATE 04/06/09: Simon announces he will appeal! New (very  important) links added... see the bottom of this page!

UPDATE 03/06/09: New links added.

Anyone who comes across any I’ve missed please leave a link in the comment section and I’ll add them in. Alright, here goes: