Dr. Jack Cohen

Science vs. Religion Part 1: “God did it!”

Globe Hand 2So another month, another Centre for Inquiry event and another series of four reviews on the talks provided.

This time the theme for the four lectures was ‘Science and Religion‘- a topic close to my heart, and the speakers were Dr. Jack Cohen– a reproductive biologist, Simon Singh– a popular science writer (and the defendant in an important upcoming courtcase), Stephen Law– a philosopher and provost of the London Centre for Inquiry and Dr. Raj Persaud– a psychiatrist who frequently appears on TV (and has recently been embroiled in some scandal). Baroness Mary Warnock an influential philosopher pulled out at the last minute so unfortunately her talk on ‘religion as humanism’ was missing, which was a shame as it sounded interesting.

This post will be covering the talk of the first speaker Professor Jack Cohen titled ‘The Evidence for Evolution’.