[Comment] is Free?

Be quiet, my friend. You can't tell my secrets.

As anyone who read this blog has probably noticed, it’s been pretty silent for the past six months. That is largely due to most of my energy being focused on writing up my PhD thesis, which is almost finished… but still not quite there. While it remains unsubmitted, I can’t internally justify taking the time to research and write articles for pleasure. Hence, the lack of new posts.

However, my blogging efforts were originally intended to serve as a supplement to my research activities so I’ve decided that, for the time being, I’m going to use the blog as a kind of mental escape from my thesis and write short commentaries on articles or news stories that I find interesting or have something to say about.

I hope that some people find these posts interesting but I’m providing some advance warning that they will likely touch on topics that will be a bit broader, and potentially more political, than is typical for this blog. They will all be labelled with the tag [COMMENT] in the title so should be easy to distinguish between the longer articles, which I do intend to get back to, after that fabled submission.

That’s all folks!



  1. Hi Chris,

    Congrats on “On the necessity of …” – the *religious “butterfly” collecting* reference is going to have me rereading ‘Religion Explained’ (thanks!) – and on ‘Born Idolaters …”, I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds interesting.

    I watched the Japanese Grand Prix back in September with “new eyes” as it were, in part, due to your writings here, so another “thanks!” is in order 🙂

    On your new escape, consider me warned and we’ll see what you write about. Best of luck wrapping up your thesis.



  2. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the kind words. At this stage this post might actually be a personal notification for you alone 😉 but always glad to hear your thoughts so that’s fine with me!

    I’m hoping less pressure to write in depth articles will equal more content overall but let’s see…

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