There is certainly a lot of hype surrounding nanotechnology but most scientists involved in the field admit that we are still a long way from harnessing the full potential of this new technology. However, one thing that scientists do seem to already be quite adept at is creating nano-scale sculptures. These micro works of art are certainly a testament to human ingenuity and the wonders of modern technology but they also serve as a welcome reminder of how at heart we are still a very silly species.

World's Smallest Snowman created by David Cox

Nano-Guitar made by Dustin Carr from Cornell

Nano-Toilet by Takashi Kaito

Nano-Athlete by Keith Morton

Nanobama by John Hart & other Nanobliss folks

Nano-Enterprise by Takayuki Hoshino & Shinji Matsui

Nano-Playboy by John Hart & other Nanobliss folk

Nano-Chess by A. Linden & S. Bauerdick

Nano-Chess by A. Linden & S. Bauerdick

Nano-Yacht by Takahiko Morita & Shinji Matsui

Nano-Yoga by Chiaki Minari & Shinji Matsui

Nano-Debutantes by Tim Savas

Nano-Vodka by John Hart & other folk at Nanobliss

And finally…

I for one welcome our new ant overlords (by Frank Hartley & Jayant Neogi)

* More nice pictures can be found here and here.



  1. Best part of nano-art? The gallery could be a shoebox! With a powerful microscope, of course.


  2. I know Dave Cox fairly well, and he explained to me how you make something like his snowman, or the working universal joint one of his collegues made and the work that goes into it is incredible.
    I don’t know if there is a picture online, but one of his students made the Mona Lisa by ion etching. Beautiful bit of work.


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