Busy, Busy, Busy

I thought I should let folks know that I have not actually abandoned blogging but have instead just been rather busy with family visits, travelling and ceremonies. I had originally intended to try and keep up with my posting during this past week or so but that turned out to be slightly too optimistic.

Anyhow, I will be back in London today and back to blogging soon after.

Until then here’s a little hint as to whats been going on:

Top of the morning to ya!

Top of the morning to ya!


  1. What were all the other party-goers dressed up as? 🙂

    Seriously, congratulations! What was the subject? Are you entering the scary world of work now?


  2. It was the Harry Potter premiere party so everyone was dressed like that ;)!

    This was actually the graduation for my MA in Social Anthropology which I completed last September. My university (SOAS) really know how to delay things…

    Oh and I’m actually escaping the scary world of work to return to the world of studying as I’m off for more studying in October!


  3. Again, congrats to you and Mari! How exciting…who was the keynote speaker? I’m really curious as to how a SOAS graduation is done.


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