Vatican gives Darwin a Birthday Present

DarwinAs Darwin’s post humous 200th birthday draws closer the Vatican has presented an early Birthday present to old Charles by finally producing a very clear statement voicing the Catholic Church’s official disdain for intelligent design and official support for evolution. Intelligent design is the latest pseudo-scientific designer dress worn by that frumpy old matron creationism, and just like creationism, it’s claims have been refuted by the scientific community in exhaustive detail (for one such example take a lookthrough the material here). 

Some ambiguous comments by Pope Benedict (aka Darth Ratzinger) in previous years had fueled speculation and the hopes of anti-evolution groups that the new pope might eventually come out  publicly and announce a favourable position on intelligent design. Now, with the unequivocal statements made yesterday, by the organisers of an upcoming (and papal backed) evolution and religion conference, it’s clear that such hopes were in vain. Here’s a particularly telling quote from the original Times article on the story:

“…at first it had even been proposed to ban Intelligent Design from the event, as “poor theology and poor science”. [Later it was decided that] Intelligent Design would be discussed at the fringes of the conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University, but merely as a “cultural phenomenon”, rather than a scientific or theological issue, organisers said.”

Poor theology and poor science is right and it’s nice to see the Catholic Church actually taking an official progressive view on this issue. 

Happy Birthday Charles!

One comment

  1. Darwin is a gift as all of you are gifts of opportunitty to engage in the questions of life! Seek first the kingdom of God and then as you grow in the relationship wisdom arrives,inteligence is the measurement of focused intentention to specific information! He was gifted,but the informational source is the issue! All information is generated by two hemisperes called the left side and the right side! In ninja traing its also ura and omote or inside and outside, these are fundamentals for attunement of energies to disern sources of inspiration for balancing ones path with wisdom! We are designed by the creator, to dial into the plan and ask questions, with proper guidance called mentors,parents,teachers we may dial into the channels of information to be perceived any way you wish! Freewill! Enlightenment is as Epiphany or Satori is temporary but wisdom is forever! Your mission if you dare is to find wisdom! It is a possible mission! invitation of the Lord into your heart,purification by water,purification by light of the holy spirit,and a true connection for wisdom is made inside a facts machine! You are a gift either way! An opportunitty to be engaged by a pastor,priest or modern day ninja’s, seals,army delta,marine spec ops, air force crt, or swat we deliver clueless packages all hours for whome the bell tolls! Either way wisdom finds you or you find him! The best way is on your knees,ask for forgiveness of your sinfull nature,give thanks for your opportunitty,pray for those to have mercy and patience on you until you get wisdom and can share it with others too! Lord in your mercy hear this prayer! Invite the Lord Jesus Christ into your life for the attunement of your opportunitty and the attonement of your rebellion called sin! Daily! Dial into your opportunitty! or the opportunitty comes for you! We call this one engaged in the package to be delivered awaiting the green light! Without wisdom of the Lord you have Carma and it will get you every time! Like the movie Unforgiven, by clint eastwood …we all have it coming kid! So dial into your opportunitty and be wise,not just intelligent!


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